One of Italy’s most famous meat antipasti! Prosciutto di Parma is undoubtably a culinary masterpiece. At ZARA’S DELI we sell only PDO certified Prosciutto di Parma, AKA “Parma Ham”. PDO certification ensures that the Prosciutto is produced in a limited area surrounding Parma, in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy,  using the concept of “terrior”. Specially raised pigs feeding and interacting with the specific climate of the region produce a unique nutty flavour that can not be duplicated.  Prosciutto crudo is best sliced paper thin with a small amount of its fat intact.

Suggested Use

Wrap Prosciutto around melon, figs, asparagus, or simply enjoy its delicate balance of flavour on its own. It’s magnifico!


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