Famiglia Creanza Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Fresh picked olives used to make Famiglia Creanza extra virgin olive oil.Harvest time at the Creanza olive orchard.Fresh press Famiglia Creanza extra virgin olive oil.



Country & Region

Between two cerulean seas, the Adriatic and Ionian, stretches the sun drenched Italian region of Pulglia. Here along the Murgian planes the Creanza family farm grows wheat, almonds and olives. The small family run olive orchard consisting of 700 trees, yielding 3½ precious litres per tree. Tending the orchards, combing the soil, gauging the weather, and picking and pressing the olives are all part of a gruelling and meditative process of obtaining the oil from the olive.

Olive Cultivars

The Creanza family orchard is made up of three olive cultivars typical of the Pulglia region, Ogliarola, Silletti and Coratina, which contribute to the oils flavour. The olive oil is made up of the following ratios of these olives:

Ogliarola 20%, Silletti 40% and Coratina 40%.

Aroma & Palate

Golden green colour, robust.

Suggested Use

Great for everyday use, drizzled over pasta, meats or simply enjoy with fresh crunchy bread.

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Additional information

Weight 1.13 kg
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