RUMMO Bucatini N°6


Lenta lavorazione or “slow working” is the not-so-secret secret behind the exceptional quality of Rummo’s Lenta Lavorazione pasta. Firm, resilient and al dente every time, Rummo’s consistent quality from one cut to the next makes it one of our favourite brands.

When it comes to pasta most people are either short cut or long cut people. But there are a few lesser known pastas that bridge that divide and Bucatini is one of them.  AKA Perciatelli, Bucatini is not just a long pasta, it is a long pasta with a whole down the centre!  Not only will Bucatini gather sauce in its tangled nest, it also allows sauce to sneak inside its hollow centre. When the purpose of pasta shapes is to act as a vehicle for sauce delivery, this duality makes Bucatini a pasta star!


SUGGESTED USE: Traditionally served with Amatriciana sauce, bucatini all’amatriciana, Bucatini is also a perfect pasta for velvety pasta sauces like Carbonara or Caico e Pepe. Not only do we love it for its sauce gathering abilities, Bucatini also has a terrifically bouncy mouth feel and is a whole lot of fun to slurp!

INGREDIENTS: Durum wheat semolina flour, water.



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