The city of Gragnano, located in the province of Naples, Italy, is known as the “Citta della Pasta” (City of Pasta) and reputed to be the birthplace of dry pasta.

LA FABRICA DELLA PASTA di Gragnano is I.G.P. certified. This official certification ensures that all of the ingredients used in the production of Gragnano pasta are guaranteed to be form a legally defined area sounding the the bay of Naples. The pasta must be made by mixing durum wheat with water from the local aquifers at Monti Lattari. The pasta dough must then be bronze die extruded and slow dried in the mountain air. These methods all contribute to the unique flavour and texture of Gragnano pasta. It’s serious business for seriously delicious pasta!

Suggested Use

Also known as Gemelli, the Riccioli pasta shape is a close cousin to Fusilli. It’s double twisted edges curl in on themselves creating smooth crevasses for pasta sauces to settle into. Riccioli can be substituted for Fusilli pasta and pairs perfectly with pesto’s and summer pasta salads.

Product Ingredients

Durum wheat semolina, Gragnano’s water.

Product Net Weight