Murgella Burrata di Puglia


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Buratta, one of the most traditional cheeses of the Apulia region of Italy and one of the most requested items in our shop. Did you know every two weeks we receive a delivery of fresh Murgella Burrata di Puglia flown in fresh from Italy? Check our stories for daily fresh sheets and product updates, including when we receive this award winning Burrata.

Using locally sourced milk, Murgella Burrata is produced in a traditional way by manually filling soft shells of fresh mozzarella with a creamy mixture of mozzarella and cream, also known as stracciatella. The Palazzo family has been making Burrata and other regional cheeses in the Murgia Barese territory of Apulia for three generations. We think it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing!

Rich, creamy and oh so soft, Murgella Burrata is best enjoyed simply. Break it open, drizzle a good quality extra virgin olive oil overtop and slather it on some crunchy bread. Perfetto!  Our go to olive oil pairing is always Famiglia Creanza extra virgin olive oil, also from Apulia. You know what they say, “what grows together, goes together”.

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