MASONI Panforte Margherita

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A traditional Sienese dessert, Panforte Margherita was prepared for the first time in 1879 on the occasion of a visit to Siena by queen Margherita to see the Paliois. Made from a mixture of sugar, honey, dried fruits, nuts, spices and flour that is baked then dusted with icing sugar .

SERVING SUGGESTION: Traditionally served in small wedges with coffee or dessert wine, like Vin Santo, it can also be a delicious addition to cheese and fruit platters. Panforte is dense, deliciously chewy and has the perfect balance of sweet and spice.

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INGREDIENTS: Candied orange, citron and melon (fruit glucose syrup-fructose, sugar, acidifier: citric acid), wheat flour, sugar almonds, glucose syrup, honey, spices. May contain traces of other types of nuts, lecithin, milk and eggs.

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