Loison Panettone Classico


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Sweet loaves of Milanese bread, Panettone are a beloved Italian tradition – enjoyed during holidays and special occasions. Speckled with raisins and candied orange, lemon and citron.

Loison panettone are made in Vicenza, Italy under the watchful eye of third generation baker, Dario Loison. Naturally leavened, using only the finest ingredients – fresh eggs, butter and Sicilian citrus.

SERVING SUGGESTION: Traditionally enjoyed sliced in wedges with a hot beverage or sweet wine, like Vin Santo. Our family holiday tradition is to make Panettone french toast, totally decadent and absolutely delicious!

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INGREDIENTS: Wheat flour, fresh eggs raised on the ground, Sultana raisin (13%), sugar, butter (milk) (9%), candied “oranges from Sicily” peels (9%)[Orange peels (52%), glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, concentrated lemon juice], natural sourdough yeast (wheat), Emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of vegetable origin fatty acids, fresh egg yolk raised on the ground, inverted sugar, salt, natural flavours. CONTAINS: WHEAT, EGGS, MILK. MAY CONTAIN: SOY, ALL TYPES OF NUTS.



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