Frantoi Cutrera Première E.V.O.O.

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We love this olive oil for its robust peppery flavour. It is a D.O.P. olive oil, meaning it is made with only one olive variety from a very specific area in Sicily. This certification ensures its authenticity, certifying that it is produced from one specific olive variety grown only in that specific area. Similar to the concept of “terroir”, this olive oil will display unique characteristics that are reflective of the a specific climate of the region and therefore can not be duplicated in flavour.

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COUNTRY & REGION: Monti Iblei, Sicily, Italy.

OLIVE CULTIVAR: D.O.P. 100% Tonda Iblea, harvested by hand from November 1 to 21.

AROMA & PALATE: Aromatic notes of green tomato and fresh grass. Full bodied herbaceous flavour with lasting notes of artichoke and celery.

SUGGESTED USE: Drizzle over soups, salads, seafood and raw vegetables.


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