Favuzzi Whole Peeled Tomatoes


Bright red and packed in a velvety coulis (twice as thick as commercial canned tomato brands), Favuzzi tomatoes have a firm flesh and are low in sodium to let their delicious taste fully shine.

Favuzzi tomatoes are grown by Rosso Gargano company, located in Foggia, Apulia, Italy. They boast Italy’s shortest production chain, harvesting the tomatoes themselves and processing them within two hours to guarantee maximum freshness.

SUGGESTED USE: This must-have pantry staple, can be used as an ingredient in many recipes: tomato sauce, ratatouille, chili, osso buco, ketchup, chutney, soups and stews.



INGREDIENTS: Tomatoes, tomato juice, citric acid.

PRODUCT NET WEIGHT: 796ml (26.92oz)


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