CUPOLA White Balsamic Vinegar


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Similar to the complex world of wine, where there is red and white wine, in the world of Balsamic Vinegar there is “regular” dark balsamic and white balsamic condiment. White balsamic vinegar starts out much the same way as regular balsamic vinegar: with cooked white grape “must” (the crushed fruit, skins, seeds, and stems) for sweetness and varying amounts of wine vinegar for tartness. Where white balsamic differs, however, is in the cooking process. While the must for regular balsamic simmers slowly until it becomes dark and syrupy, white balsamic is pressure-cooked then filtered to prevent it from browning and retain its clarity.

SUGGESTED USE: White balsamic vinegar has a subtler flavour than its darker counterpart, it won’t turn your salad or sauce brown and is a slightly sweeter alternative to white wine vinegar. Excellent with fish and white meat and ideal for marinades, salads and crudités.

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PRODUCT INGREDIENTS: Wine vinegar, concentrated grape must, sulphites. CONTAINS: SULPHITES


Product of Modena, Italy


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