Barbera Contadino Olio Novello


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COUNTRY & REGION: Center west Sicily, Italy.

OLIVE CUTIVARS: 40% Cerasuola, 40% Biancolilla, 20% Nocellara

HARVEST & EXTRACTION: Hand harvest. Milled within 12 hours from the harvest; continuous extraction and separation by centrifuge; unfiltered the oil is allowed to settle and then decanted naturally.

AROMA & PALATE: Fruity aroma, with a slightly spicy aftertaste, will be noticeable until the end of June. Afterwards, the product will tend to soften, becoming sweeter and more harmonic.

SUGGESTED USE: All kinds of rustic dishes, bruschetta, legumes soups, and Sicilian dishes.


Out of stock


STORAGE: Unlike wine olive oil does NOT get better with age. Light, heat, air and time are the enemies olive oil. Bottles should be kept well sealed, stored in a cool dark place away from you stove or kitchen window. Depending on storage conditions, once opened, we recommend using your olive oil up within 3 months for optimum freshness and flavour.



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