Favuzzi Intense E.V.O.O.


Designed by Michel Favuzzi, a member of the New York International Culinary Center’s first class of olive oil sommeliers, and produced by Saverio Guglielmi, whose family business has been making superior quality olive oil since 1954. The estate comprises over 170 carefully cultivated hectares. The olive oil is extracted within a few hours of harvesting, guaranteeing freshness and complexity of flavour.



COUNTRY & REGION: Produced in the town of Andria, Puglia, Italy on the Adriatic coast.

OLIVE CULTIVAR: Made from 100% Coratina olives, picked very early in the season, while they are still green. Although they yield a lower volume of oil, they have rich organoleptic properties and a high polyphenol content.

AROMA & PALATE: Robust taste, with aromatic notes of herb, artichoke, chicory, rosemary and almond.

SUGGESTED USE: While best appreciated raw as a finishing olive oil and depending on your preference for olive oil flavour intensity, Favuzzi’s Intense olive oil can be used for salads and sautéing. We think it would be beautiful over summer tomatoes and fresh mozzarella.



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