• Bambini Bocconcini

    Fresh Italian-style cheese, Bocconcini literally translated means “small mouthfuls”. Originating in Naples, in the Campagna region of southern Italy, Bocconcini is made from whole cow’s milk and has a soft texture with a mild flavour. At Zara’s our domestically made “bambini” Bocconcini are sold either plain or dressed in our house made fresh herb dressing. SUGGESTED USE: The key ingredient in Insalata Caprese, Bocconcini is ideal paired with bold flavours like fresh tomatoes, basil, red onion and extra virgin olive oil and is fatastico on pizza. Bambini bocconcini can be skewered with cherry tomatoes and fresh basil to make an easy appetizer.
  • Barese Nero Olives

    Native to Apulia, Italy, Barese nero olives, also known as black Cerignola olives, have a subtle sweetness and rich meaty texture.  Perfect snacking olive!
  • Barese Verde Olives

    Native to Apulia, Italy, Barese verde olives, also known as green Cerignola olives, are the younger, less ripe version of the black. Crisp texture and refreshing mild flavour. Perfect for snacking!
  • Castelvetrano Olives

    Native to Sicily and harvested young, Castelvetrano olives are naturally bright green and have a fresh, buttery and slightly sweet flavour. Dangerously delicious for olive lovers, Castelvetrano olives are as addictive as chips and way more satisfying.
  • Garlic & Parsley Olives

    Green pitted Sicilian olives dressed in our house-made dressing of fresh garlic, parsley and a dash of red chilli flakes. INGREDIENTS: Green pitted Sicilian olives, fresh parsley, fresh garlic, red hot chilli flakes, canola oil, extra virgin olive oil.
  • Native to Kalamata, Greece, good Kalamata olives are purplish black in colour and will have a small slice in their side. This marking occurs before the olive is cured and allows the wine vinegar brine to fully penetrate the olive, giving it a strong, fruity flavour with a slight acidity. Kalamata olives are commonly thought of as the Greek olive and are traditionally used in Greek salad. *Available both whole or pitted.
  • One of our favourite and most popular crackers. Light yet crunchy, they hold up perfectly to almost any cheese, paté, tapenade or spread. Available in the following flavours: Original, Rosemary, Roasted Garlic and our favourite, Black Pepper.
  • Prepared in-house our Mediterranean mixed olives are a savoury mix of Greek Kalamata, Italian Gaeta, Spanish black, Moroccan sundried and green pitted Sicilian all seasoned with our house blend of aromatic herbs & spices.
  • Native to Morocco, these intensely flavoured black olives are dry cured and wrinkled in appearance. Plump, meaty and distinctly flavoured, Moroccan olives are a great cooking and baking olive. Since there's no brine to dominate, the distinct flavour of the olive won't get lost and the texture will remain. While an acquired taste for some, Moroccan olives can also be eaten on their own and are a great addition to a meat and cheese antipasto platter.
  • Parmigiano Reggiano

    The king of cheeses! Typically produced in mammoth 80 pound wheels, encased in a golden rind and stamped with a seal of authenticity, Parmigiano Reggiano is definitely a cheese most deserving of its royal status. At Zara’s we sell 24-month aged Parmigiano Reggiano, made in the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. It has a sweet nutty flavour with a subtle granular texture in the mouth.  SUGGESTED USE: Parmigiano Reggiano can be eaten on its own, drizzled with aged Balsamic vinegar, or grated over pasta, risotto, vegetables and baked dishes. Use the rind to add flavor to soups, sauces and risottos.
  • Party Mix Olives

    Marinated pitted Sicilian mixed olives. Perfect for when you don't know where to put the pit. SUGGESTED USE: Perfect for salads, pasta dishes and party platters. Good alternative to Kalamata olives in a Greek salad.
  • Picholine Olives

    Native to Gard, France, Picholine are the most common olive in France. They are used to make olive oil and cured in brine for table olives.They are a small, firm, green olive with a mild, salty flavour. Great for cocktails!
  • A mild pork salami dotted with aromatic fennel seeds, subtly seasoned with black pepper and a hint of garlic. PRODUCT OF ITALY PRODUCT NET WEIGHT: 70g
  • Italian dry cured ham. PRODUCT OF ITALY PRODUCT NET WEIGHT: 70g
  • PRODUCT OF ITALY PRODUCT NET WEIGHT: 70g STORAGE: Keep refrigerated. PRODUCT INGREDIENTS: Pork meat, salt, black truffle (2.5%), natural flavouring, dextrose, spices, sodium ascorbate, potassium nitrate, sodium nitrite.
  • ZARA’S Hummus

    Hands down a customer favourite. Hummus has been a staple in our deli for decades. Made daily, in-house, our hummus has a creamy texture and bold flavour. We use good quality chickpeas and tahini, spices like black pepper and ground cumin seed, fresh lemon and of course a good amount of garlic!!  
  • ZARA’S Basil Pesto

    A classic sauce originating from Genoa, Italy, our house-made fresh Basil pesto is a customer favourite, full of fresh vibrant flavour. SUGGESTED USE: Traditionally paired with pasta shapes like Trofie, Spaghettini, Spaghetti and Linguine, pesto isn't just for pasta. Use it as a condiment for veggies, sandwiches, fish or in a Frittata.
  • Made in-house, our Ceci or Chickpea salad is dressed with a zesty mixture of fresh herbs, Pecorino Romano cheese and a generous amount of lemon juice and zest. SUGGESTED USE: A versatile salad that can served warm or cold, eaten on its own or mix it with baby arugula, salad greens or roasted veggies.
  • SUGGESTED USE: A staple in our household, our house-made Sun-dried Tomato Pesto is not only great on pasta. Use it as a condiment for adding an easy and instant burst of flavour to white fish, chicken or, with a dash of vinegar, to salads. Keep it in your fridge and use it when your next dinner.
  • ZARA’S Tzatziki

    A classic Greek condiment. Our fresh Tzatziki is made in-house using pressed Greek-style yogurt, cucumber, garlic and dill. SERVING SUGGESTIONS: Pairs well with dolmades, roast lamb or try as a refreshing veggie dip. INGREDIENTS:
  • Not your average antipasto! Our house-made antipasto is a rustic mix of semi-dry roasted cherry tomatoes, artichoke hearts, balsamic marinated onions, roasted peppers, mixed and mingling together in our fresh herb marinade. SUGGESTED USE: We love it on a good piece of crunchy bread, tossed in a salad or quick pasta dish. So many possibilities!
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