• From Privas, France, this classic French chestnut spread can be a subtly sweet accompaniment to crepes, brioche or simply spread on toast. INGREDIENTS: Chestnuts, sugar, crushed candied marrons (marrons, sugar, glucose syrup, vanilla natural flavor), water, glucose syrup, vanilla natural flavour. PRODUCT NET WEIGHT: 250g
  • From the Italian province of Emilia-Romagna, the story of Fabbri Amarena cherries began in 1905 from the simple family recipe made by Gennaro Fabbri’s wife, Rachele Buriani. Now famous for their iconic blue and white jar, Fabbri Amarena cherries are also revered for their deep red colour and bright, complex flavours preserved in a luscious syrup made from their own natural juices. SUGGESTED USE: Use as a garnish for your favourite beverages or deserts – from cocktails and sparkling wine to a topping for gelato, cheesecake and other desserts.
  • Favuzzi Pistachio Cream is made exclusively with pistachios from Bronte, Sicily. Considered the “green gold of Sicily”, Bronte Pistachios are characterized by their long narrow shape, deep emerald-green and purple shade and mild, delicate taste. These unique characteristics coupled with the rich environment of the region make Bronte Pistachios a protected variety under the D.O.P. (Denomination of Protected Origin) umbrella. ORIGIN: Bronte Pistachios are grown exclusively on the slopes of the mount Etna, located in the Sicilian town of Bronte, Sicily, an area rich with volcanic soil. USES: Rich and velvety, Favuzzi Pistachio Cream is a deliciously decadent addition to desserts, or as a topping for toast, pancakes, ice cream, Greek yogurt or ricotta cheese.
  • INGREDIENTS: Sugar, wheat flour, palm oil, whey powder, care starch, skim milk powder, lemon juice, soy lecithin, glucose syrup, dried whole egg powder, sunset yellow FCF, vanilla. PRODUCT NET WEIGHT: 400g (14oz)
  • I·BISCOTTI Cantuccini

    A classic Tuscan treat, these Cantuccini or little Biscotti are dotted with pieces of chocolate. Crunchy and subtly sweet, Cantuccini are traditionally served at the end of a meal with a fortified dessert wine, like Vin Santo, or with coffee. PRODUCT NET WEIGHT: 300g (10.6oz)
  • Amaretti are small almond cookies similar in size to a Macaron. Balocco Amaretti are light, airy and crunchy. SUGGESTED USE: Typically served after dinner with dessert wine, like Vin Santo, or used as a crunch component in many fruit based deserts.
  • A light and airy biscuit roughly shaped like a finger that transforms into a sponge cake constancy when dipped into coffee or liqueurs. SUGGESTED USE: The principal ingredient in Tiramisù, a popular Italian coffee flavoured dessert typically made from coffee dipped Savoiardi, layered with a whipped mixture of egg yolks and whites, sugar and mascarpone cheese dusted with cocoa powder or dark chocolate shavings. We love to add a generous shot of Grand Marnier to the espresso and orange zest to the creamy mixture.
  • Casa Giulia real fruit jams and marmalades are made in the Italian region of Abruzzo, a region rich in agriculture. SUGGESTED USE: Not only for use with baked goods, Casa Guiulia Fig preserve is also delicious paired with savoury flavours. Try it with thin slices of Prosciutto di Parma and goat cheese.. PRODUCT NET WEIGHT: 250ml


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