• COUNTRY & REGION: West central Sicily, Italy. OLIVE CULTIVAR: Made from a blend of Sicilian olives (30% Nocellara del Belice, 30% Ogliarola, 40% Biancolilla). AROMA & PALETTE: Rich herbaceous aroma. Delicate fruity flavour with a subtle almond finish. SUGGESTED USE: Good for everyday use in salad dressings, seafood dishes, grilled vegetables.
  • Olive oil made by internationally recognized wine producers, Carpineto, is a vineyard located in Florence, Italy. Since the land where vines grow is also perfect for olive trees, Carpineto produces extra virgin oil made from four olive varieties typical of the region.
  • COUNTRY & REGION: Sicily, Italy. OLIVE CULTIVARS: Nocellara olives 80%, lemons 20%. AROMA & PALATE: Unlike many flavoured oils this oil is produced by pressing olives with fresh lemons. This process infuses the oil with the pure, unadulterated aroma and flavour of olive and lemon, finishing with a subtle note of fresh almonds.
  • Similar to the complex world of wine, where there is red and white wine, in the world of Balsamic Vinegar there is "regular" dark balsamic and white balsamic condiment. White balsamic vinegar starts out much the same way as regular balsamic vinegar: with cooked white grape “must” (the crushed fruit, skins, seeds, and stems) for sweetness and varying amounts of wine vinegar for tartness. Where white balsamic differs, however, is in the cooking process. While the must for regular balsamic simmers slowly until it becomes dark and syrupy, white balsamic is pressure-cooked then filtered to prevent it from browning and retain its clarity. SUGGESTED USE: White balsamic vinegar has a subtler flavour than its darker counterpart, it won't turn your salad or sauce brown and is a slightly sweeter alternative to white wine vinegar. Excellent with fish and white meat and ideal for marinades, salads and crudités.
  • The name “Aceto Balsamico del Duca” was chosen by Adriano Grosoli in order to link his product with the prestige of Duke Francesco I D’Este, who was one of the most famous producers and consumers of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, the favorite dressing at the Estense court. PALATE & AROMA: Intense, slightly fruity aroma, pronounced acidity with a touch of sweetness. SUGGESTED USE: Intended for everyday use in sauces, marinades and salads. PRODUCT INGREDIENTS: Wine vinegar, grape must, colouring caramel. ACIDITY: 6%
  • Del Duca Organic Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, Italy. Made without caramel, colourants or preservatives. AROMA & PALATE: Tart flavour balanced by a touch of sweetness. Subtle woody notes from the maturation stage. SUGGESTED USE: Perfect for salads and marinades. ACIDITY: 6% PRODUCT INGREDIENTS: Organic grape must, organic wine vinegar. PRODUCT NET WEIGHT: 250ml
  • THE MAKER: Tonio Creanza and his family have been growing durum wheat, almonds and olives on the Murgian plains of Puglia, Italy for six generations. THE LAND: The Creanza family are the caretakers of 700 Olea Europea trees ranging in age from 4 to 400 years old. Using natural methods of fertilization, they rely solely on natural rain fall for irrigation. THE OLIVES: Famiglia Creanza olive oil is made exclusively from indigenous olives grown on the family orchard: ogliarola (fruity and dense), silletti (smooth) and coratina (peppery, bitter, fruity). THE OIL: The blend of these olives produces an olive oil that is vibrant green in colour, with a dense fruity palate and subtle peppery finish. The peppery finish indicates a high level of polyphenols, which are healthy, beneficial antioxidants, that act to preserve the olive oil itself. Famiglia Creanza olive oil is extra virgin and cold-pressed. SUGGESTED USE: In Italy, like much of the Mediterranean, olive oil is a basic part of the diet, used for dressing, cooking, baking, and preserving. According to Tonio, Italians do not make a distinction between finishing oils and cooking oils. Extra virgin olive oil enjoyed in its simplest form is like a seasoning or spice. It is a simple ingredient that enhances the flavour of the ingredients it’s paired with.
  • Unlike many commercial "flavoured" olive oils, Favuzzi's Hot Chilli Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made by cold-pressing Coratina olives together with ripe organic Italian hot peppers. This process of milling the olives and chilli together, not only provides a beautiful aroma but a unique taste, impossible to achieve with other methods such as flavouring or infusing. SUGGESTED USE: Spicy without being too hot, Favuzzi chili extra virgin olive oil will liven up your tomato sauces, pizza and pasta dishes. Use it as a base for chimichurri sauce or bruschettas.
  • Designed by Michel Favuzzi, a member of the New York International Culinary Center's first class of olive oil sommeliers, and produced by Saverio Guglielmi, whose family business has been making superior quality olive oil since 1954. The estate comprises over 170 carefully cultivated hectares. The olive oil is extracted within a few hours of harvesting, guaranteeing freshness and complexity of flavour.
  • We love this olive oil for its robust peppery flavour. It is a D.O.P. olive oil, meaning it is made with only one olive variety from a very specific area in Sicily. This certification ensures its authenticity, certifying that it is produced from one specific olive variety grown only in that specific area. Similar to the concept of “terroir”, this olive oil will display unique characteristics that are reflective of the a specific climate of the region and therefore can not be duplicated in flavour.
  • This olive oil is a great value for the quality. Made form 100% Koroneiki olives grown on the Greek island of Crete. The local climate enhanced by the fresh breeze of the Aegean Sea and the continuously warm weather of southern Greece help generate a uniquely flavoured olive oil. COUNTRY & REGION: Crete, Greece OLIVE CULTIVAR: Monovarietal (only one olive variety or cultivar) - Koroneiki variety. AROMA & PALATE: Aromas of green apple, freshly cut grass, and notes of artichoke. Medium to mild intensity with a predominantly fruit palate and subtle bitter notes. SUGGESTED USE: Perfect for everyday use in salads and cooking. Flavourful enough to be used as a finishing oil over meat, fish or sautéed greens.  
  • Not just a pretty face! This Spanish EVOO packs a lot of personality. COUNTRY & REGION: Perales estate in the town of Merida in Southwest Spain OLIVE CULTIVAR: Made exclusively from a combination of Hajiblanca, Arbeqina, Morisca and Picual olive cultivars, all grown on the Perales estate. AROMA & PALATE: Delicate with a fruity aroma and buttery smooth flavour. SUGGESTED USE: A versatile oil that pairs well with mild cheeses, delicate seafood and salads. PRODUCT NET WEIGHT: 500ml
  • COUNTRY & REGION: Produced in Soliera, Modena, Italy. GRAPE VARIETAL: Produced from the must (85%) & wine vinegar of the Lambrusco grape varietal, San Remo Gold Reserve balsamic vinegar is aged in oak barrels and contains no additives or colourants. AROMA  & PALATE: Dense consistency. Black cherry, oaky aroma, slightly acidic with a pronounced sweetness.
  • COUNTRY & REGIONA: Produced in Soliera, Modena, Italy. GRAPE VARIETAL: Produced from the must (65%) & wine vinegar of the Lambrusco grape varietal, San Remo Gold Reserve balsamic vinegar is aged in oak barrels and contains no additives or colourants. AROMA & PALATE: Thin consistency, intense aroma, tart tasting with a subtle sweetness.
  • A highly prized culinary ingredient and elusive gastronomic wonder, black truffles are pungent in aroma and complex in flavour. Selling for hundreds of dollars per pound. whole fresh black truffles are a luxurious ingredient often out of reach to most home cooks. Truffle infused olive oil is a more affordable way to add a dash of luxury to your next meal. SUGGESTED USE: Ideal for seasoning red meat, eggs, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes and popcorn. A little goes a long way!
  • Crema di Balsamico or Balsamic vinegar "reductions" have a syrupy consistency and a convenient and shelf stable alternative to a true do-it-yourself reduction. Tasto Balsamic Vinegars are procuded in Modena, Italy, in a facility surrounded by thirteen hectares of Trebbiano and Lambrusco vineyards, typical of the area. Awarded with the IGP and DOP Standards of Identity of the Balsamic Vinegar from Modena. The grapes are harvested by hand only, and the must is always cooked over direct fire, according to ancient methods. SUGGESTED USE: Crema di Balsamico is sweet in flavour with a bit of tartness and is best used on grilled vegetables, fresh tomatoes, berries, ice cream and chocolaty desserts.
  • Tasto balsamic vinegar is made without caramel or colourants. We love it for its balanced flavour, not too sweet not too tart. It's a staple in our home kitchen. Tasto Balsamic Vinegars are procuded in Modena, Italy, in a facility surrounded by thirteen hectares of Trebbiano and Lambrusco vineyards, typical of the area. Awarded with the IGP and DOP Standards of Identity of the Balsamic Vinegar from Modena. The grapes are harvested by hand only, and the must is always cooked over direct fire, according to ancient methods. After the formation and maturation phase, the product is aged in over five thousand casks with different sizes and made of different types of wood. COUNTRY & REGION: Modena, Italy. GRAPE VARIETAL: Produced from 70% must & 30% wine vinegar of hand-picked Trebbiano and Lambrusco grape varietals. Aged without additives or colourants in wood barrels. ACIDITY: 6% AROMA & PALATE: Subtle woody aroma. Medium density. Pronounced acidity tempered with fruity sweetness. SUGGESTED USE: Good everyday salad vinegar. Also great for dressing grilled vegetables and seafood.  
  • A caviar look-alike, Balsamic pearls add a sweet and tart burst of balsamic to salads, h'orderves, meat, seafood dishes and desserts. We love them garnished overtop good quality chocolate or vanilla ice cream and fresh strawberries or cherries.


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